Part 1: UX Design – Customer Satisfaction

In most of our work, we have always emphasized the importance of creating a seamless personalized customer experience across all digital touch points for our clients.

Every effort made to enhance customer satisfaction cannot go unnoticed if done correctly, there are benefits attached. In this article, we’re going to focus a little bit more on the 2 key elements that impact or influence customer satisfaction.

First things first, what exactly is customer experience and why is it so important, how is it linked to satisfaction? Customer experience is nothing more than customers’ emotional subjective response to their end-to-end experience of your product or service. And, one of the most effective ways to improve customer experience is to look at it from a journey standpoint. Making use of data, we have helped our clients identify areas in the journey that compromised the value they were trying to create for their customers.

Two main factors that impact on satisfaction, effort (how easy or difficult is it for customers to work with you or your product) and emotion (how they feel when interacting with your product). Effort reduction is turning out to be one of the biggest predictor of customer loyalty across many industries. By reducing effort, successful businesses have managed to improve customer satisfaction. Companies that reduce effort for their customers tend to have higher spending and loyal customers (FNB, dstv- the self service function, Apple, Uber, Amazon etc) .

What this means is that companies that have found ways to simplify our lives are those that have reduced effort. How easy is it for customers to find what they are looking for on your site if you’re selling products, how quickly do you respond to their queries. All customers want is to feel like they are in control of their experience of your brand, not the other way round. It is our responsibility as businesses to give that to them. When offering them choices, you need to make sure that you support them and enable them to find out the the right choice for them.

In today’s digital economy, value is being created in effort reduction. Again, you need to identify where in the journey is it painful for your customer then take the necessary steps to improve.

Among many other factors that impact on customer satisfaction, customer experience is the biggest. Customer satisfaction scores are there to help you determine if you are truly delivering a seamless customer experience or not.

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